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Hello from a first time post. Just picked up a 4 bed 1.5 bath in rural RI. Im going throught my design program trying to think of layouts. The house is in great shape and a quick paint and flooring would make some money but I decided the margin is well worth the full rehab (no mechanical problems at all! Its all cosmetic upgrades). My question for experienced friends on bigger pockets are where to go with the bed and bath. The bread and butter in RI for the younger generation is 3 bed 2 bath. This house has the ability to be a 1) 3 bed 2.5 or 3 bath( With master suite, walk in closet, tile bath ect...) 2) 4 bed 2 bath or 3) leave it a 4 bed 1.5 bath( bathroom is big enough for a shower but is on a slab so jackhammer is needed.)

The 4th bed and the half bath is downstairs on grade si I think adding a shower is a must for it to be a true guest bedroom.

Any input on the best layout for the home that would sell the quickest with added profit is greatly appreciated!


@colin smith

I completely agree, my only worry is the cost vs return. I want to do it, what is stopping me is how good of condition the house is already in, hence i paid a little more for it. The other question is where I would put the master, On the first floor with the family room and utility room or on the second floor with the kitchen? I almost feel there are too many options. Im also trying to avoid jack hammering the slab on the first floor. Is 1 bed 1 master upstairs and 1 bed downstairs desirable? This is my first flip so I may not be lost but I also dont know where I am going.

Master bedroom on first floor, 3 bedroom 2.5 baths. How tall are your walls on the first floor. Maybe you will only need to jack hammer out enough to get plumbing drainage lines. Are you on city sewer and where is the connection in terms of elevation to the foundation of the house? Slab foundation or crawl space?

We all like to get creative and express our creative side at times. However do not add too much to your cost and if it will rent well the way it is then just leave it alone. 

If you can do a quick and economic job of improving the floor plan then go for it. 

Thank you for all the help.

@gilbert dominguez

Its on a slab connected to city sewer. With 8 foot ceilings, 7.5 foot with the drop ceiling in. I plan of selling to a family either starting a family or has one already (my target buyer). The home is not set up for owner with a renter, its a single family all the way.

Although I agree a master would bring in the most money (and I would love to do it) I think that it will not give me any return if not cost more than I would receive. The more I think about it the house is in too good of a condition (hence the price I paid) to waste it making it a total rehab when it only needs to update kitchen and baths. I am also afraid of losing an upstairs bedroom.

 Im thinking 2 full baths instead of 1.5 is a must though. I need to put myself back in check and leave it at a quick and easy 30k rehab in a few monthes, as this is my first flip it can get out of hand easily.

If the market shifts in the area and a Master would be profitable upstairs would be quickest and most cost effective.