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can someone tell me the best way to sign in with investors or real estate company's in order to go in and rehab homes for them?  

I have my own business and have been rehabbing homes for sometime Now with a company that auctions there homes off.  

But I'm looking for more work. 

I live in central FL.  

Any advice would greatly be appreciated.  I'm here to learn and achieve.  


Sounds like you're a General Contractor?  Are you licensed, insured and able to pull permits in your local jurisdiction?

If so, go visit your local REIA and find investors there. Let them know that you are a GC and are looking for work. I'm sure you'll find plenty of investors looking for high-quality, reasonably priced and punctual GCs.

Getting into the Marketplace here on BP will help as well. I also agree with J, everyone in your area who is actively involved in investing will know one another. It is always best to be with your local REIA Group. Maybe throw in a Meetup Group too.

Best to you!


OK, Thank you for the advice.  

Unfortunately I'm not a Gc I am a sub contractor.  

I own my own business and I have over 15 years experience in all fields that I offer with my business.  And yes I'm licensed and insured.  

I'm Just looking for information to branch out some and do work for others in houses that need rehab.

Thank you for your time.  

Thank you for the advice. 

I'm not a Gc though I'm a sub contractor.  

I own my own business and yes I'm licensed and insured as well.  

I'm Just looking to pick up more work for people that need a rehab done to there Home.  I enjoy getting my hands dirty.  

I have 15 years of experience in the services that I offer. 

I'm also interested learning as much as I can about my field of interest as well as real estate. I'm always looking to learn more than I already know. I find that hands on experience is the best way to learn New trades.  

Thank you for the advice giving. I do appreciate it and I have enjoyed this site even though I haven't been a member very long yet.

@Patricia B.  Great question.  I think @J Scott  

@J Scott gave you a knee jerk response.  I can't blame him based on the way you worded your question.  Acting as an unlicensed contractor is every investor's pet peeve.  

However, you don't have to be a GC to add a lot of value to an investor during a rehab.  You do, however, need to know what you can and can't do as an unlicensed contractor.  

You can coordinate other subs but not be responsible for their work.  You can make design selections, deliver materials as needed, construction cleaning, complete checklists for subs work, and provide specialized contracting services not to exceed $x dollars.  You can find reliable people to do the job.  

Without a GC license, you can't be responsible for a variety of things like paint and trim if it exceeds a certain amount.  

Your local REIA might be a resource. Also, you might drive around and spot some houses being rehabbed and ask how you can help/learn.


Attend those auctions & talk to the bidders.  Perhaps you'll run across some landlords looking to buy those fixed up homes & they may have need of your services in other properties.

And they will see the quality of your work!

@Rick thank you for your response. 

@kelly thank you as well. 

Made sense.  

The job I have been doing is. Going in and painting full interior and exterior of homes,  changing out fans,  lights, faucets and etc. Also doing all the prep work. We do floor work such as tile sometimes and etc. 

I don't do Ac work or rewiring of electrical. 

I basically do the basics for people including pool decks, replacing screens and mow, mulch, trim yard work.  

I don't mind the work at all that I do.  I actually like it. 

The homes that we been doing gets filmed on camera after completion of job and sold on TV. 

I'm wanting to advance though and I'm always up to learn New things.  I have a aunt that Works For remax and she's taught me alot.  

I generally work seven days a week on homes and Ive had no complaints with our work.  I'm wanting to pick up more work though and learn as I go.  

I think I may attend a auction and go to a meeting as well. Thank you for that advice to. 

Originally posted by @Patricia B. :

...I'm Just looking to pick up more work for people that need a rehab done to there Home.  I enjoy getting my hands dirty... 

It sounds like networking with GCs may be the best route.

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