Contractors in Charlotte NC

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I know of a few here in town... Depends on the scope of work that you are looking for most of the good quality GC's are booked up because the market is so nuts right now.. Feel free to reach out if I can help I'm here in Charlotte

I'm new to bigger pockets and stilling setting all my stuff up ... but I'm a contractor that focuses on investor rehabs.  I have several crews that cover a 75 mile radius of Charlotte.  But we do travel further for some of our clients.  We do the simple lipsticks to the full gut jobs.  I'm great at working on a budget and have an eye on detail and what buyers want.  I know what you need to spend money on to get a return and what is a waste. Depending on scope we are normally in and out in 3-4 weeks some less and some more...

Please call me so we can talk more.. I'd be happy to walk you thru some jobs or send you pics... I have a job in noda that was a tear down thy was sold at drywall stage and is closing Friday that j could take you thru.. Also have jobs in lake Wylie, Charlotte and Matthews I can take you thru... 704.400.3653 cell .. Call or text me 



Audrey - this particular one is a gut, small house though.  Thanks for your help. 

Chris - I will reach out to you and we can talk further.  Thanks!

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