Need help finishing the flip? Desiging or picking out the fun stuff? Atlanta Area

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Hello, I am currently taking courses to become a real estate agent. I enjoy the process of flipping homes and  I am reaching out to anyone who is looking for someone to help them fix up their flips with fresh ideas to help them sell faster, by looking good. I enjoying picking out paint colors, tiles, back splashes, and really making the flip look like a home! Just thought I would reach out and see if any contractors or investors were interested!

@Teri Waldrop  This is a great offer.  I've worked with an agent who makes many of my design selections, gets the team there at the right time, answers 95% of questions, and then gets to sell the house.  

I know several other agents who do this sort of model with investors.  Over time, they become very strategic partners to the flipper.  You should consider expanding your role to help with layout, scheduling of subs, etc. so you can stay engaged, and offer more value to the investor than just design sense.  

Design sense is worth a lot, but it's not always perceived as valuable as it truly is.

I hope you find a good partner with whom you have a shared design vision.  If you're ever ITP, please give me a call.


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