Any GC recommendations in the Clermont, Fl area?

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@Orlando Paz  I can't speak about Angie's list because I have not used them.  However I have used Home Advisor and found a few contractors that compete for your business but are seldom good for more than one job. Don't get me wrong, the people I found did good work but seem to change their pricing to often.  It just seemed like I could have found those same guys on google or at Lowes in the morning.  Just be sure to check their references BEFORE you hire them. The reviews on Home Advisor are not good enough because they can be manipulated by the owner.  The owner can allow his friends and family to post good things about the company, and by setting up different email addresses to post reviews.

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@Dawn Anastasi - I just checked it out. Thanks!.... Also, what do you think about services like "Angie's List" or "Home Advisor"? are those reliable?

 I searched the web site  to find GCs and to check the complaints database. Try that to see if you can get a list and  perhaps contact them to ask questions of their abilities.