How much its cost to demolish SFR?

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How much its cost to demolish the metal frame single family home? I am thinking to buy one SFR which is built on 1920. Before I buy I like to get an idea and pros and cons.


How many SF @Padma Mody . A good conservative estimate is $5-$8/SF. Im not familiar with metal framed houses so you may save some money based on the value of the metal. Lots of small rooms = "heavier" house as opposed to an open floor plan which is a lighter house. The big variable is the overall weight to dispose of. Also you will have to have the house tested for asbestos and removing it will be extra. That could be another couple thousand but its tough to say without seeing the house. Getting rid of the foundation is a big part of the expense but if its granite you may find somebody to take it away for free. Lots of variables but you should be able to get a quick estimate from a demolition company within a matter of minutes. Good luck. 

I would first explore the option of selling off any of the viable material such as the metal instead of paying to have it disposed of.  Depending on the amount, you might find someone to remove everything but possibly the foundation for the right to take the materials

Hi there- I just got estimates to demo a house in the Tampa area- built in 1940, around 1800 sq ft one story SFH plus 2 car garage and pool, and fill in the pool. It will cost about $15K including disposing of the asbestos shingles on the exterior of the house- 11k to demo, 4k to take off and dispose of the asbestos shingles.

There isn't much that could be salvaged from my house other than some doors and a bit of hardware. Maybe a higher quality home built in 1920 would have some good quality building materials to sell off.

 Hope this helps!