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I am in process of developing at 2300 sq ft property in New York City to a 4100 sq ft property through a gut renovation/extension, including adding a 3rd floor to the building.  

The building will be contemporary in terms of design, so some commercial style windows will be needed.  This is my first development of this property type, so I was curious to hear which vendors delivered good value and design for similar projects.  While I could be wrong, I don't believe typical stuff from Anderson, pella and marvin are suitable for this design.

As an investory thinking about the project in the context of a flip, maintaining a lower cost basis is a priority of mine, while delivering on thermo-efficiency and design.  

Any suggestions are appreciated.

All of the manufactures you listed have a commercial and contemporary lines available.

How large are the windows, what is the facade material, and will they be operable or fixed? 

I use Milgard, they offer me a really good deal. The truth is, all window manufacturers still make everything manually, the only difference is they have production lines that says U factors etc, the truth is, you can change the U factors, the question will be, how can you really test it? You might be paying the exactly the same window but different "print-out" of you factor, it is, after all, just generated by a printer. You can change glass thickness, frame finish, frame color, etc. In short, all windows are custom made, you just have to tell them that you know it to get a good deal.

My experience with windows is Anderson is 10x the cost of other comparable windows.  They claim to be superior windows, but they aren't 10x superior in my opinion.  

Originally posted by @Wayne V. :

How large are the windows, what is the facade material, and will they be operable or fixed? 

I'm waiting for my architect design which is due next week.  

I think your architect should be able to guide you to a few companies that make the profiles or style that he/she is designing for you. Also finding out from your GC what companies they work with will help speed up the process. I have used crystal windows in a few projects. 

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