Anyone use an alarm system while rehabbing?

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I'm about to start a rehab project and I was wondering what other BPers thoughts and experiences where when it comes to alarm systems? I was thinking about simplisafe alarm system? What are your thoughts and with construction site alarm monitoring? Thanks!

I think it has a lot to do with the area in which you're rehabbing.  I have some contractor buddies who insist that one of their crew sleeps on a cot, on site.  I've not yet had any of my project sites tampered with, but I can see the merit of securing your investment.

Are you more concerned about vandalism, or the safety of your tools and materials?

Actually, I have never thought about an alarm system. Nothing is usually left in the house overnight except maybe for some material, but it is usually tile or sheetrock. Material is usually too heavy and not expensive enough to be worth it for a quick smash and grab.

I guess people could cause some damage to your property that you have just fixed up. When I do a rehab I usually talk with neighbors and ask them to keep an eye out for me. They have my business card for referrals and for late night calls of burglary if needed.

I have thought about this a number of times but never actually done it yet. Phoenix is pretty bad with people breaking in and ripping copper out of the walls, and taking appliances. In over 100 rehabs and property turns I have been vandalized about 5-6 times, and made about 3 insurance claims. I think if I had installed alarm systems in all of those projects, I would have lost money overall. But I think it would have been wise to install alarms in some of the sketchier areas, and I still plan to do that if I ever get around to it.

I used SIMPLISAFE on my last project a couple months ago and it worked great.   i forgot my password 1 time and the police was there in a minute.

I use SimpliSafe on all my projects since, as stated above, it's inexpensive, portable and the ability to monitor who is coming and going.  You can assign multiple for each sub if need be. My contractor has his own code and is responsible for setting alarm daily when leaving. I know what time my contractor arrives and what time he leaves because every time the alarm is set or disarmed, I get a text message with the details. Very efficient system. 

We use simpisafe as well.  We also put door sensors on appliances (hidden) and even on the back gate to prevent AC thefts.  We've stopped about 4 or 5 break-ins since using them.  

Past experience: nice product, but my concern was the cost of the unit and extra sensors need. I still rather have ADT or Timewarner cable for alarms systems and maybe pass the monthly fee unto tenants. ( Something I have been considering )

I have only had one problem while rehabbing in ten years. I think it has everything to do with the area. With that said, my issue was a five gallon bucket of paint thrown around a room when I was almost done! ...and this happened just a month or two ago. I will be looking into Simplisafe, thanks for the info! One of the reasons I love BP's!

I use simply safe as it's cheap and can be transferred from one project to the next plus you don't pay in the times that you don't need it and most importantly, it really works! I had a break in  the mids of a project and I only had to replace a basement window since they ran off as soon as the alarm went off. I also got an instant alert and even a call from the local police. Perfect product for flips! 

why, don't you install video surveillance system, that way you can get a visual of someone coming into your property!......if you need assistance with video cameras, that's my specialty!

I have never done an alarm, but I put the alarm signs in the yard and alarm stickers on the windows, make sure curtains/blinds cover all windows (even while doing messy work, I replace them after), and don't leave my tools in the house after hours.  Never had stuff stolen from the site.

However, once I started showing a house I did have the copper pipe stolen from the crawl space.  I had a sketchy looking prospective tenant and I think they came back later that night.  Now I make sure I padlock all the crawl spaces and put a security sticker on the crawl space door, too.

Yes, you would want a very decent Quality DVR system buy a company You would want a system technology called CVI which is analog but very close to digital technology. This system is giving 1.3MP Quality for very cheap system and you cannot beat the can install the system to alert you of any movement around the property....and as its detecting motion which is an alert it can send a picture of the alert, by mindful you need internet service for this, type of setup. But you can install a clear modem and have your interned via satellite. hope this helps.