product to remove old glue from basement flooring

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The basement tiles have been removed. I see there is old glue residue on the basement floor. The plan is to apply basement paint. What would be the ideal product to prepare the floor so that it accepts the paint ? some kind of paint, epoxy stripper ? would you recommend any product you used in the past and it worked ?

First off don't let anyone tell you that you can use a chemical stripper. As a flooring professional selling B2B for 30 years I'm telling you that is the ROAD TO DISASTER. The stripper would remain in the pores of the concrete and break the bond of anything you want to adhere to it. Remember Paint is just colored glue.

You can scarify the concrete to remove as much as you can and then encapsulate the  concrete with a portland based self leveler ; Ardex, Mapei are a couple of national well recommended brands with good tech support. Once dry you may want to sand and smooth but many times it won't be necessary. I would advise using a primer then painting though there are paints out that combine both I don't know if they make that in a flooring paint.

If you just want to scrape and try to go over it, Test an out of the way spot away from the furnace area. If it's a black glue that could be asphalt or even asbestos. You may want to test or just go back with VCT tile or a floating LVT system. 

There are underlayments that will float of the concrete and then you can attach a floor to them also.

Yes there is. It's a gas powered floor scraping machine. Rent one at your local tool place... it will save you days of labor vs. manual removal.

As stated above, expect to do some leveling and repairing of the floor when you get done.