Investing From Afar

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How do i invest in a home without ever having to visit the house, I found a few great deal i just need to know what process would i go with to get it under contract with a lender to fund and have it fixed and flipped without ever having to visit the property itself

Do you have a network of people to mange the project day-to-day?

how do you know they are great deals if you never saw them?

im looking for more systems so i can figure out how to do it without having to actually be at the property

I am also trying to invest from afar and even though I have family in the area to view the property for me I recognize that they aren't investment minded so I am also working with a property management team. I spoke to a number of local investors and got recommendations for property management companies. After interviewing a few I picked one and they have been super helpful in the process. They are willing to send their agents out to take a look at the properties and let me know what they'd price it at and what type of work they think it would need to be move-in ready. That being said, I haven't actually bought my first property but I thought I'd share just in case it was helpful to you.  I feel that the only way to invest out of state is to have a strong and knowledgeable team on the ground so I would start there. 

Good luck!

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