Oil tank removal

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Greetings BP family,

I'm currently rehabbing my second rental property in Baltimore, MD and need advice on removing a large oil tank from the basement. How have other people handled this in Baltimore City? Is there a company that specializes in tank removal? There's no rear exit so it may have to be cut and brought up a narrow stairway. Thanks for any advice.

Unless you want to spend large dollars , do it yourself . First is the tank empty ?  If so there is probably 5 gallons or so on the bottom , and a lot of sludge . No big deal drain it into a couple 5 gallon buckets with lids .  get yourself a sawzall ( not harbor freight tools ) . And 10 metal blades , cut it up and put the sludge in buckets . Take the metal to the scrap yard  and get paid a couple bucks .   It should take about 2 to 3 hours . 

Or break out the check book 

How we handle this situation is: call the local scraper, and let him do all the work... Save the 2-3 hours of yourself doing it, its a dirty/messing job for a couple bucks from the scrap yard.

BTW- we don't pay the scraper, he gets to keep any oil, plus the tank.

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