Looking to connect with investors / flippers in Washington State

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We are looking for a few top rated investors / flippers to ad to our client base.

We are NORTHWEST Structural Renovations and are rated in the top 5% of 128,670 contractors in Washington State.

If you would like to be part of our client base we would love to hear from you.

NORTHWEST Structural Renovations

Matt Gragg

@Matt Gragg I don't know about being top rated. I can't imagine many people would consider themselves not top rated. Where are these ratings compiled? What exactly happens from being part of your client base?

@Julian Buick My opinion of a top rated investor or flipper is someone or a company that only wants quality craftsmanship on all of their properties and would never consider hiring a non licensed, bonded or insured company or individual to have work completed. I have seen a few rookie investors hiring people that say they have experience and the next thing you know, they paid for a roof that now needs to be removed and replaced because it wasn't installed properly. They ultimately choose them because of pricing and it has now cost them at least 1.5-2 times the normal contractor pricing and the deadlines are usually set back because of it.

When you are part of our client base, if you choose us to complete your flip, you can rest assured your project would be completed by true professionals, on time, on budget and most importantly with the highest quality of craftsmanship possible. 

When your properties are finished with quality above anyone else, your properties will sell, and their properties will sit on the market when compared to yours!

Our family has been in the planning, engineering, architecture and construction industry for well over four generations. 

Our highlights include:

Red Beacon installer

Background checked

Licensed, bonded and insured

Work anywhere in Washington State



Quality craftsmanship

Workmanship / craftsmanship guarantee passed to the new homeowners 

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns

NORTHWEST Structural Renovations

Matt Gragg

@Matt Gragg I'm interested in working with local rehabbers and what you just said is exactly the type of people that I want to work with. I'm on the lending side and am looking for more opportunities to put my funds to work. I'll PM you

Copalis Beach!?!  How far do you guys go?  I know a pretty great investor in Montesano, but even that is quite the drive for work!


We service Montesano. We would love to connect with them!

In fact, we service most of Washington State and parts of Oregon.

If ever you or anyone has a need for our service we would love to hear from you or them.


NORTHWEST Structural Renovations

Matt Gragg

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