Using Video to Sell Your Rehab

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Hey there BP!

Recently I have been having a lot of success with the use of short video edits to get my flip properties out to potential buyers. My realtor and I team up on these edits to help push out our project and generate interest in what we set as the "pre-sale" time frame of the property (usually 1-2 weeks before it goes live on the MLS). Construction is wrapping up by this point and far enough along that the property shows well in the video. These videos are easy to put together and we do them directly from an Iphone. Only takes about 30 minutes to shoot, edit, and upload it to our social media sites. We put together 2 edits, one is a trailer that we push out to all our our buying agent contacts and post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The second is the Full edit and gets sent out after the property goes live on the MLS. We have properties sell before they even go live through this type of exposure, and they have saved me thousands on staging fees by finding a buyer before I even need to Stage the house (I stage all my properties and build it in to the renovation costs).

Here is an example from one of our properties. Hope this tool can help others get more exposure and drum up that Pre-sale Interest!

(This is video is not an attempt to advertise, Already have a buyer!)

Pretty awesome.  I like the theatrical aspect of it.  When did you stumble across this idea?  How much does it cost to do ...seems like software is needed..?

Seems like a great idea to get interest sparked before its live on the MLS. House looks great too by the way!

I like the idea of a video to promote the property.  However, I would have made it more informational (like listing the sq ft, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc).  I would have also made it less movie trailerish.  That's just my 2 cents though, it looks like a great house, and you have a buyer so that might be proof of concept!

Very nice quality video, its definitely a different way to sell. So putting myself in a buyers shoes I would probably always prefer nice, big pictures over a video. One of the reasons is because it allows me to control my viewing experience much better. Your video is a minute 34 seconds long, I can guarantee you that most people would spend more time than that looking at pictures. Some of those shots are only 2-3 seconds long and don't show full rooms just bits and pieces. Again this is just my personal opinion and constructive feedback, not trying to be negative. I'm a huge fan of panoramic shots or shots that capture the bigger picture. I'd bet your good taste in fixing the house up has more to do with your sale than the video ;)

@Bryan C.  my realtor and I had brainstormed the I Idea about 6 months ago and started to implement in the spring time. We shoot the videos from our Iphone's and edit them using the iMovie app that comes with the newest IOS software update for the phone. Its free if you have an Iphone :) and I'm sure if you use android you can download an app that can edit your video aswell!

@William Morin Thanks it really has been working great! 


@Brian Cam This was Specifically a Trailer with the intention for people to contact my realtor for more information and to see some shots of the inside before there was ever any photos on the MLS. The actual video has all the stuff you said ( sqft, beds, bath etc.. ) and we send that as a follow up to the interested parties as well as posting it once it goes live on the MLS. Contact with other agents is where we see the most results and we put the property specs in the email that we send out to them initially. The follow email with the real video keeps us in front of them and allows them to show/share with their clients. Not sure if its the best way to go about it but it sure has been successful so far :)

@Chris K.  absolutely agree with you on the Photos! I always have a professional photographer shoot our projects. This was just our solution to getting a quality look inside for potential buyers during Pre-sale without paying a photographer to come shoot the house 2 separate times. Photos are my favorite a swell ! :) We have had a good amount of success with this so just thought i'd put it out there.

@Chris K. I agree

@Brian Butterfield Great Job,

I use to do videos as well because of how you see on the MLS with e virtual tours, but even I tend to skip the vid and go to the rack of pics that may be shown. My buyers also preferred 30-40 pics, and detail of the house over a video of room by room of the house. But what ever works... go for it!

Awesome feedback everyone thank you ! keep it coming :) 

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