Currently looking for a local GC on the Treasure Coast of Florida

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Hey guys, I am currently looking for GC locally in Fort Pierce/Port St. Lucie, FL. Do anyone currently have a GC they can recommend in this area?

Please contact me at [email protected] 


Hi Courtney, did you end up finding anyone you would recommend? I'm moving up there in a few months and need to get started with inspections and quotes!
All the best,

There is a builder in port st Lucie on the corner of port st lucie Blvd and cameo st. I think that is the street. My parents live in the area. Think they're called port st lucie builders.

@Carolina S. I have a few that I can send you. I haven't used any at this time, but my friend who work at the county sent me over a list of GC's that have been approved by them. I can send you the list. Also, I just used a great inspector to inspect a home we just recently put under contract in Port Saint Lucie, so I can send you his information as well.

can you send me that list too?

I would also appreciate the list. I am a newbie in Fort Pierce. Thanks, Courtney!

Courtney could I snag that list as well? Much appreciated!

Carolina, I have a great home inspector. Pm me if your interested.

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