Trying to Connect with anyone flipping in Colorado Springs

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The title says it all - I am trying to find and talk to flippers in the Colorado Springs area. I am interested in flipping in the downtown / Patty Jewett area and would love to get connected with someone who flips in the Springs (and hopefully pick their brain a bit).

Hi Chris, I see that your question received no answer.  I understand it isn't easy, especially when new in the investing game.  I've done three flips in Denver, where I live.  I'm not sure if we can do business together, but we could certainly chat and see.

There are a few investor groups that meet in Colorado Springs. Check them out on 

@Chris Wierman

Sorry I am just now seeing this post. I am probably the guy you want to talk to as I am a Realtor here in Colorado Springs who primarily works with investors, many of those who flip properties. What questions do you have about flipping down here?

Hi Chris,
I agree with Travis about the meetup groups. Check out "Colorado Springs real estate investors happy hour" and "Colorado Springs real estate investors club" on Many prolific an experienced investors attend both groups. Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions as well.

I have a client who has done flips in the Springs. Let me know if you want their info.

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