SQFT Cost of Rehab in Kitsap County WA

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I am considering a major rehab and was wondering the sqft cost or others localy? Honestly i just need to get into the ballpark parking lot, not even in the ballpark. hehe

The home has good bones and shell but requires a full interior rehab. Including but not exclusively; new subfloor, flooring, insulation, drywall, lights, kitchen everything, bathroom everything. I could do a spreadsheet and add up all of the individual items but i am just looking for a quick and dirty. For a total gut job and to rehab to be able to sell at a high price per sqft. If that makes sense. I would like it to look like a new home on the inside minus the framing. 

It is 3 beds and 1 bath in Bremerton, WA. Also there is a full basement for easy acess to plumbing and electrical but all will need to be replaced. 

Keywords, silverdale, tacoma, gig harbor, pierce county. 

Any help is massively appreciated. Also any recommendations for local contractors that are awesome. THANK YALL!

$40-150 per sf based on the info you've provided.  There are lots of other threads about why sf pricing isn't the best way to estimate without significant prior experience. 


J Scott is right. I don't even use the sq ft method for a rough estimate. I tried this with evaluating a few house and could tell just from pictures on line that this method doesn't work.

I have a master list with generic pricing in it to help with this. 

The main process that I use is purchase price and ARV. Subtract them and what you need to make at a minimum and it gives your max budget for rehab (rough estimate because you still have a lot of other expenses but it is quick) If I only have a rehab cost of $2k it is a loser, if it is $40k it is a possible winner.

Awesome. Thank you @J Scott

Adam B. for the jokes. haha 

I as well have a master spreadsheet thanks to @J Scott . The ARV for comps in the area make it a decent spread but i would of liked to be able to do that becuase i see the homes like this all the time and if i can have a quicker way to estimate that would be really nice. Awesome. Thank you for the input and ill post back if i can ever figure out a solid SQFT estimating method.

I would price out a full bathroom with the basic new construction ensemble at about $5K-7.5K, a new kitchen $7.5-12.5K, and then the sqft cost of a room? I dont know but ill just run the numbers and figure it out. Thank you again and much success.

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