Pick a color! Front door - image attached

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Hello all,

What color would you choose for this front door? Stucco exterior in an up and coming neighborhood. It is becoming more and more of a vibrant neighborhood. 

There is also a side door and a rear door - would those typically be the same color?

How about Viking Purple! We always like to go with something that pops and draws your eye from the street. Bright reds and blues seem to be popular at this time.

Bright blue or a robin's egg blue seem to be popular these days. I'd save the "statement color" for the front door only. Are you keeping the awnings over the windows? I'm not a fan of those. But the one over the door might be good, the stoop would be pretty exposed without it

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@David Huynh Benjamin Moore: "Saratoga Springs" #1669.  

Get rid of the awnings and storm door, build a small portico above the front stoop and add some head casing or water-table above the windows.

I agree with @Jean Bolger  regarding the side & rear doors. 

Thanks for the input! The big rehabber in the area also recommended for me to get rid of the awnings or store them somewhere. I will definitely post pictures and info about this flip once it's all finalized! 

I'll continue to post and ask for recommendations on the interior and basement as we move forward!

I personally love robin egg blue, but unless you're completely replacing the roof, I'd pick something in the maroon/red family to match the shingles.