Labor cost to install Hardiplank lap siding?

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Just wondering what might be a fair price to  have someone install 8.25" Hardi lap siding?  Labor cost only. It's not that hard to install. Nail gun and air compresssor and paying the installer an hourly wage seems reasonable, as long as he isn't a slow poke.  Curious to know what others have done.


I've installed this myself and have paid people to do it.  On the whole structure?  Are you installing over existing siding or new construction?

It  would be installed over entire house, about 1500 sq. ft. approx. 200 12 ft. long planks.

The old shake siding would be torn off and the new siding installed. I've done it myself and would do it myself, but just don't have the time right now

Did you ever figure out the answer?  I would love to hear it!

Samantha, in my area, the going rate seems to be about $1-1.50 per sq. ft for labor. But the it really depends on how many guys are out there looking for work. Like anything, when you have people who can install with time on their hands, they tend to work for less than if they are constantly busy.  By the way, my completed job looks great and was much cheaper than stucco, which I know you have a lot of in California.  I plan to use cement board siding whenever I can because it looks good, wears well, and  is less costly than stucco. 

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