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I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not to put in new white baseboards. I'm installing some darker flooring and the current base board does not match with it very well. The issue i'm running into is that all the interior doors of the house match the current base board, and so do the jams (see picture). The doors are super cheap and they would be very hard to paint. Any opinions on how white baseboard would look butted up to the brown door trim or if I changed the casing and left the door jams brown?

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I'm having problems viewing the attachment, it could just be my computer. Without being able to see it I like having a little contrast. White against dark floors and dark doors looks good at least in my head.

Are there recently remodeled homes or new homes in your area being built to get an idea of what they are doing?

I'm having a hard time loading sorry. The doors are veneer light oak and so is the trim. The home was built in 2002. I'm just trying to freshen up the place before I rent. 

For renting I would leave the trim the same as the doors and door jambs. You can always do a darker stain on the wood if you want to match the floors.  I cant see the pictures though so it is hard to picture your room.  I have rooms with mixed trim. White windows and brown trim, Not the best look but the renters for that unit are students so they don't notice. I want to upgrade the doors and trim at the same time. Maybe go from hollow core to solid and everything goes white. 

I agree with Colleen.

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