NOO fix/flip in SC

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Does anyone know if you have to be a licensed contractor in South Carolina to fix and flip a house?  I would be doing the majority of work myself. 

Hi Jeremy, I don't have a yes or no answer, but with my experience here in San Francisco as an Interior Designer we don't flip homes without getting a permit and a licensed  contractor especially if it's a major renovation. Depending on your plans for the house, if you are demo-ing kitchen cabinets to install brand new once without changing the locations of plumbing and not changing the lay out, then it might be okay to do as long as it passes residential building codes. However, it would be good to have a local experienced licensed contractor to visit and guide you, since they would be knowledgeable with how it works there. 

You should be able to find out fairly easily being going to the state and/or city website. 

Hailing that said the majority of states in the union do not require a home owner to higher a contractor to do work. The home owner is typically allowed to do most if not all of the work to their own home. 

The reason why a state requires a license is to protect to public from shady individuals and to make money through fees and fines.

You will have to pull the necessary permits just like a contractor would and pass inspection.

I am not giving legal advice but I am not licensed and don't know anyone who is just to fix and flip.  If you do have to pull permits for any type of major electrical, Plumbing etc. then you will have to use a licensed tradesman.

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