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I'm looking at a house later today that says it has mold "present."I have no idea whether that means there's a bit of mold in the corner of the basement or that the ceiling joists are hairy with it. However, assuming that it's serious and needs professional remediation, can anyone who has dealt with mold removal give me a ballpark cost to hire a pro? I realize it's going to be based on my specific case, but am I looking at $5,000 or $30,000?

- C

Unfortunately @Corey Liepelt an impossible question to answer. You're in the ballpark. It could be $500 to have the mold cleaned up and determine the cause and fix it (leaky pipe possibly) or it could cost $30K for a major restoration. Good luck. 

Rob, when you say $30K for a major restoration, are you including the work involved in stripping walls down to the studs and replacing drywall, or are you just talking about the remediation services? I'm assuming the former?

The remediation company will strip away all sheetrock, insulation, etc...basically gut the areas affected. You will then have to rebuild everything. Again, impossible to say how much without knowing more details. It also depends on the size of the house and how many rooms are affected. You really need to see the house and if possible get in touch with a company that does mold remediation such as ServPro (in my area) and see if they can meet you there. 

@Corey Liepelt   Hi Corey, I am a General Manager for a Mold Removal and remediation company in St Louis, Mo. Bob is right, it can run from $500 up to thousands...although $30k seems waayyy out there. My highest bid I've ever given was $15,500 and that was gutting 2 levels of a 4,600sq ft ranch and doing a trash out...horder house with 3 40 ton dumpsters of things. 

The biggest difference in price would be; can it be HEPA vac'd and chemically treated and cleaned or is demolition required. If demo is required that would increase the price but again, depends how much. I've done small demos, (closet/bathroom) and took the demo'd items home to throw away to save the customer the expense of a dumpster. 

If you would like, I'd be happy to give you my email or cell and you could text or email me pictures from today and I can give you a ballpark. That way you have something to go off of when your getting estimates. I'd recommend getting 2 or 3 and comparing. If 2 people want to clean it and the 3rd wants to gut everything, steer clear of that one. As with anything else, or industry has some bad eggs so research them, ask for referrals and look on the BBB. 

If I can help with anything let me know. 

Good luck and remember as an investor mold can smell like money!

Travis Boyer

@Travis Boyer , that would be awesome. If you will PM me your email or cell, I'll send you photos. Thanks so much!

@Corey Liepelt

I once looked at a house that had mold present. It also had standing water present, cracks in the outside brick walls and the addition on the house was separating!

Find out what caused the mold and what it cost to resolve that problem.

@Travis Boyer , I appreciate what you have already noted. Can you comment on mold present in the ventilation system as far as cost goes? I don't mind tearing down drywall and replacing it myself but I imagine cleaning out an entire ventilation system is something best left to the pros. I'm looking at purchasing an 1800 sf home that has clear signs of mold at just about every single vent. I've been told the problem started with standing water in the AC from when it broke down and the AC has since been replaced but the mold is still very apparent.  There is mold in a closet that is adjacent to the AC system in the garage as well. These folks were definitely hoarders and I suspect other mental health issues played a role. In any case, I'd appreciate any insight you can give for mold in ventilation systems. 

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