Replacing a Basement Wall??

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Anyone ever replace a basement wall and can comment on est cost.

I looked at a foreclosure yesterday that has a lot of potential.  Needs new roof and siding and then some minor cosmetic items inside.

The 4000 lb gorilla in the room was the room was the EXTREMELY bowed wall in the basement.  The wall is directly up against the neighbors drive way.  The drive way is brand new so I am sure the old one was pitched directly at the basement wall causing the issue.

The wall will need to be replaced from the inside seeing as there is no room to excavate from the outside.

I have a call into a specialist in this area but wanted to reach out to BP for anyone with experience in this.

The bank just dropped the price on this house to 15K (I wouldn't pay that much for it) tax assessment is 45K.


Would it be possible to use wall anchors to remedy the problem? I was recently quoted $4000 for 10 carbon fiber wall anchors To fix secure a bowing basement wall.  It would be more affordable than a new wall. 

On another basement I was quoted between 10k-14k to replace two of the walls, however that required excavating from the outside. 

To be blunt: if the house is only worth 45k forget it. You are quickly in the $15-25k area to replace the wall, depending on project scope and size. Sounds like you can't use an excavator, so all manual labor.  They would have to shore the dirt to keep it from coming into the basement when removing block, possible replace drain tile etc. Most important is always to remove the root cause: in this case ensure proper pitch of the driveway away from your house;  reality is often the driveway is pitched correctly - away from THEIR house. 

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