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Hey guys,

I have a condo that needs to be pretty much completely rehabbed. Tenants trashed it before I got them evicted. I haven't rehabbed one before so looking for a great contractor to help me streamline the process and get me the best bang for my buck. Any suggestions in the Denver are would be appreciated. Thnx

Start somewhere.

How about just calling in contractors and getting a few estimates to compare to each to other.

What has to be replaced?  What has to be repaired?

What is OK to stay?

How  old is the unit?  and what would have had to be replaced just because it is old.

 @Barbara G. Ya, that was my initial plan was just to get some different contractors in there to give some advice and estimates. Figured I could get some good recommendations on here in stead of going to CL or yelp first. Thnx