Common and Unusual Findings: A Home Inspector's Journal

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Don't let your dryer vent terminate in a gate post, it's just poor form and will get you gigged every time:

Also, interior receptacle boxes are not designed to protect low voltage wires against weather, so don't screw them to the exterior of your house, it just makes folks go... "what?"

Well, that's it for the moment, feel free to drop me a line or post here if I can help with anything. Take care and invest smart!

Originally posted by @Chad Clanton :

Water pressure should be between 40-80 PSI. This one came in around 120 PSI, which is about the highest I've seen, and would likely require installation of an expansion tank and pressure reducing valve. The gauge runs under $10 at Lowe's or Home Depot and threads right onto the exterior faucet.

Water pressure at my house   135 PSI  . Yes i do have a pressure reducer and I added an expansion tank . BUT the outside hose bib is on the full pressure , It makes washing cars fun , and my irrigation system uses commercial heads that throw 60 feet .

Hi @Kyle Hipp , I honestly have yet to see a Push-matic in a local property, so I have not inspected one personally. Essentially, the Push-matic breaker is an older model breaker which was installed until around the early '80s and, as the name implies, incorporates  a pushbutton style breaker switch. Though sometimes written up as an electrical concern, I've not heard of and can't find any issues with the Push-matics other than a lack of replacement parts. I hope that helps answer your question?

@Matthew Paul , that, sir, is impressive. Do you have kids, do they play in the sprinkler, and do you make them wear full face masks if they do? ;-)

Chad, thanks for the reply. Sounds good, it points to my thought that it is definitely more rare. There seems to be a decent amount of breakers online but finding one in the store shelf would be very unlikely. Seems like they have a tendency to stick and not reset as well but I'm glad you haven't heard a worse review. Thanks for your insight.

So, found this at another property earlier today. Stranded wire is, generally speaking, not designed for connection to receptacles, lights, etc. There are exceptions, but for the most part, you may want to have it looked at.