Two Front Doors?

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My fellow rehabbers,

I am relatively new to rehabbing and am looking at a property that seems to have two front doors, see attached picture.  The one on the left enters directly into the dining room, while the one on the right enters into the living room with a coat closet right there upon entering.  My RE agent tells me that having two front doors is strange and we need to do something about it, but didn't really have ideas.  

Anyone have any good ideas on how to handle this while still maintaining curb appeal?  

(I realize the front needs more work than just the door issue, I plan to paint, add some shutters, fix the landscaping, etc)  It's just that I can't seem to figure out how to handle this door issue nicely.

Put french doors to the porch on the dining room, and change the railings on the porch so that it doesn't look so much like an entrance (maybe just remove those railings altogether?)

Then do something to make the real front door stand out. A bright color?

two different opinions here, (everyone looks at it different)


take down rail on left side, build walls with windows and make it a sun room. change exterior door to an interior door. or do a double window and add a bedroom. 

second opinion and the cheaper alternative, 

change right door, to a window , tear our brick step. and make it a bedroom.   either option adds a window to the house  curb appeal and eliminates a door.  The one on the right looks more like an add on to me.

my partner and I do this on a lot of our properties, come up with two different options and see which ones make the more sense. 

which brings more rents a dining room or a bedroom?

I agree with above.  The old saying is, before you take down a fence, make sure you understand why it was put there in the first place.  In rehabbing, I have learned this lesson.  If something weird exists, there is a reason.  Make sure there isn't some code issue etc.  But I'd do the window conversion if it were me.  I'd turn that door into a window, and if you can't get the siding to match, I'd add a stone veneer accent up to the bottom of the window all the way across.  Then of course, remove the step

Thank you all for the great ideas.  Certainly many things to think about....

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