RE Broker's license? Or not?

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I'm currently flip for retail in Oregon. Will acquiring my Real Estate Broker's license affect me in any negative ways? I understand that I'll have to disclose the fact that I'm licensed but somebody was telling me that it could also affect my ability to "low ball" people. Thanks!

@Matt Good You have to disclose that you are a broker whether selling or buying, but as far as you making low offers on properties it shouldn't affect you. You may get a reputation amongst your local brokers as the guy who makes low offers, but if you are using another broker to do that currently then you already are that guy.  If you are concerned about how people view you if you are putting in low offers then that is an issue you are going to have live with if that is your business. Just my opinion though

@Stuart Birdsong that's GREAT news so far! No I'm not that guy but my friend certainly is. I just like to know all of the pros and cons before I jump into anything. Thanks!

Your question hits home with me. Other than the cost of the RE course, and the $400 to get licensed, you are then faced with another $1500 and $50/ mo for your realtor board dues, mls, and supra key. If you are looking to make a living as an agent, or as an established flipper... then it may be worth the additional expenses. Also, you are obligated to "hang" the license with a broker. If you are just looking for access to the MLS (like myself), then I'm not sure it's worth the cost and the trouble.

@Orlando Paz I completely understand. My Wife almost has her license and the plan is that she would provide me with the tools for flipping just like you said but I'm looking for extra income too so I said why not? I'm a pretty active guy! Haha the fees sure add up quick for sure