Finished flip hits the market

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My latest flip just hit the market. Sorry no before pics, but you can see the finished product on the link below. Let me know what you think.

looks good. Hair darker on the walls, frame out the bath mirror, doesnt look like ya had much option on the kitchen sink placement, no need for the multi photo, reorganize others. Just my thoughts. Looks great though  should show well, i usually pass on the sparse stanging and ya shouldnt need full blown at this price point.

Originally posted by @Todd S. :

Just got a 175k all cash offer with no inspection.  Closing in two weeks.  This property was not even on the market for 24 hours!!!!!

 Congratulations but why would they buy with no inspection?!

very nice.  You must have got an awesome deal, or the place was a wreck, to go 100k over previous paid.  How did you find this deal?   

This was an off market deal that my realtor found. Someone who knew someone who knew someone else scenario. I paid 70k for the property. Rehab was 55k. Under contract for 175k all cash no closing help or inspections. Also, doing a quick close (2 weeks).

@Todd S.

Looks perfect in my opinion.! I am working on my first flip now & you'll see a very similar color scheme / design in mine. I cut a few corners by not replacing window trim etc but the rest of my flip is all new items. 

Maybe a little light staging... However your offer speaks for itself :-) nice work.! 

Did you buy the house cash at first? If not, how did you acquire the property? I've just become a RE Agent in Los Angeles, but I'm more interested in doing fix and flips/development, wholesale and investment properties. Selling retail doesn't interest me as much as I thought it would. 

Okay. I don't know when and how I'll be able to do cash deals. I have no capital at all yet. Did you sell RE first to gain that capital or just had previous incomes to do it?