Home Staging for flipping house Jacksonville. FL

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Does anyone know anyone in Jacksonville, FL that does home staging after the house has been rehabbed? If so how much does it cost and is it worth the money?  

Thanks Ryan

Thank you for the replies.  Is it worth the $2500 to have someone stage a $125k flip?   And does anyone know a name or company of someone  good  around Jacksonville?

I have used "rent a center" as well as picked up discount furniture and home good knick knacks from discount stores like marshals wall-mart etc. and can stage a home for the fraction of the price. And you get to keep it all in storage for the next flip.

We use Stage out of Atlantic Beach. I have their contact as well.  Here is our latest flip project. They do a really nice job and charge 3000 for 90 days. 

I have not done any rehabs or flips yet but have heard from the experienced that it's a good idea to stage. IMO the benefits are likely that it would sell faster since people could visualize the spaces and you may get a higher price by using high end furniture. If holding costs are high and staging sells faster then its a good investment. I would check the typical days on market for the neighborhood. I also like the idea of buying some discount furniture and reusing by staging yourself however this will take up your time and the furniture might not fit with the next flip layout. 

Loki Homes LLC does nice staging on a budget! We start at about $500 for a full home stage (price varies by size of home) and wWe offer month-by-month staging so no minimum 90 days. Link in my Profile, or message me if you're interested!