Rehab Design Help

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I'm in Cincinnati OH and have flipped several houses and I have one where I have the ability to flip it for top $$$ but only if I design it correctly.

Does anyone have suggestions for someone in Cincinnati who can help with design decisions, including flooring types, type of countertops to install, cabinets, paint, wall removals...

what type of company would I work with to make these design decisions?


I answered in a similar thread earlier, that an interior designer can help with the property layout.  Google interior designers in your area and/or look at one of the org-type sites for interior designers or kitchen and bath designers

Start by looking at what works in your market. Visit model homes in new communities, and take notes. Also look at what other rehabber's in your area are doing. Seek out the ones who are successful, and has an eye for design. You may choose to hire an interior designer, or perhaps seek out talent at the local interior design school. You would be offering experience to the student, and possibly some compensation. You can also seek out a freelancer online. These freelancers can provide samples of their work on their profiles or website. Look at interior design, or home improvement magazines.

Ultimately, look at what's around you. Both old and new homes. Talk to a realtor, and get their feedback. They may know someone with an eye for design, as they also get involved with home staging. Good Luck!

Thanks for the great suggestions - before I hire a designer I am going to follow your advise and look at what other flippers are doing with the same type of house and see how their property is selling.

Sometimes the best way to learn is from others.

Thanks again!!