Template to complete a House flip.

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I'm trying to speed up my rehab process.   I there anywhere you can just get a template for all materials/set up that kind of thing.    I was thinking like 3 different plans or templates.  I'm so tired of "this floor would look good with this counter top" and the contractor calling and saying I decided to go with this wall color.   Its a waste of time and I'm not an interior decorator.   You would think like Menards or Home Depot would have a home flippers package or packages where you come in and buy the whole package or parts of the package you need so you could just use it over and over again.    

Assuming your rehabbing for a flip - I had the same issues with my first few flips (Cleveland suburbs area). We wanted to make the house stand out when shown. But what we found is that the houses that got ready the quickest and sold the fastest had the neutral colors - beige, brown, grays, whites. Whether your picking out paint, countertops, tile, stain for wood floors, etc those colors always seem appealing when a buyer is walking through.  An example - Kitchen - gray tile w/gray grout, gray/white/black formica, white cabinets w/stainless steel handles, stainless steel appliances. Walls would be beige, all wood work would be white, stain floors, white outlets, etc. I can go into further details if you would like to message me privately. Hope my two cents helps. Best of luck.

Antonio,  thanks for the feed back and I agree with you 100% with the neutral colors.   I have done tons of flips and actually in the middle of 3 rehabs right now, but I always seem to doing too much customizing and give my contractors too much latitude.  What I'm looking for is someone that has a "cookie cutter" template of colors, appliances countertops etc.  

I know fortune builders has a pretty good program, but I'm not involved with anything like that.  Just looking for someone that sells a template or actually a couple of templates for finishing the house so that everyone in my group knows we are doing model "A" on the house on University and we are doing model "C" on the house on 2nd Ave.  

Anyway, am in the process of doing just that; but thought why reinvent the wheel if there is something already available. 

If you've done multiple flips do you use the same teams as previous houses? I was always taught to make a standardized process. The same paint, the same cabinets, the same tile, etc. As long as they're in the same price range.

Also what about taking pictures of the previous completed projects to convey a point. I think the biggest cause for arguments is miscommunication.

A friend has the FB's program and it seems to be one of the few things they offer I'm having trouble finding as well. It really is a great time-saving tool, but I can think of better ways to spend $20k. The numbers built into their program are west coast, which doesn't help me either. Wish I were savvy enough to create a program myself. In the interim I'm doing it the hard way...going to HD and pricing things out. Would love to know if anyone else has found any such programs. 

Kevin has the right idea , let me explain it a little further. Most business have what's called a "standard " . It's a list of what items the contractor is supposed to use for reference when a light bulb to the carpet is in need replacing.

What I also recommend is with a list of what paint,carpet,tile,windows etc. when compiling the list you need to be very detailed including part/spec #.

Then try to negotiate those items with your local suppliers. Basically say I'll add this item to my standards list if they would offer lower prices for picking those items as your company standard.

Hope this helps🤔

I attended a seminar by Merrill RE and they have templates for different shaped kitchens, A,B,C options as well as other rooms. The key is temples are duplicatable but style and design time period are not. From a Interior Design perspective, when utilizing templates be sure to update designs, colors, styles. Once you have the basics; brand, item #s, color, unit, quantity, retail price then feel in the blanks. Someone mentioned photos from previous flips, great idea to create template of floor plans. Sounds like you've already done several flips & rehabs, you or your assistant can go thru your profile and start putting together template packages. If I was where you are, I would offer to do it. I enjoy found such things. Best wishes!

@Kyle Skinner IMO you should go through the exercise of organizing materials SKU # and laborprice per square foot or what ever measurement once. If this was easy task that anyone could do with a template,everyone would be doing it and the profit would not justify the effort.keep educating yourself and gain access the files/templates here in BP and adjust them to your needs.

This audio book will teach you everything you need to know about setting up systems.

"The Real Estate Rehab Investing Bible" (Unabridged) by Paul Esajian, narrated by Christopher Price on my Audible app

I don't like the 'cookie cutter', 'paint by numbers' approach to home renovation.  I think selections should be made based on the particulars of the house, i.e. style, age, lighting, layout, etc.  

Regardless of price-point, I think it always best to take the extra time & effort to create a home that is beautiful and unique for the buyer.  And I think that extra time spent ultimately yields better financial returns as you develop a reputation for producing quality homes. 

i am amazed that you give your contractor that much leeway (picking power) during rehabs. omg, i'd go nuts if they change the color, the tiles, the cabinets or the counter top color. i'd make them tear it out and put a new one at their cost.

since you have done so many, take 30 mins and write down what you have used (and want to use) on a form. Laminate that paper and there you have it - plan A.

seems like you do not have a system in place. that means, it ends up costing u more time and more money. that's not good.

take a look at my site and the last 10 houses or so.. they look the same and clients love them. (sometimes i keep the cabs, so that might look different).

Yeah they don't get that kind of freedom,  just the debate and time I spend picking things out needs to be cut in half.   A lot of really good tips here thank you..      I've got a day lined up with an interior decorator at Home Depot next week.  We're going to get 1 plan from top to bottom and go with it.  Time is the biggest variable in flipping houses for me anyway.   This will cut down on time do to indecision and my own lack of systemicing and organizing this.   Now the houses are going to still look the same.  I'm still going to be using the same basic colors and fixtures it's just going to be spelled out exactly what we're going to use.  Love the idea of the laminate sheet in the house.     

gc should not have the call on colors tou should. I do one flip per month and the best way is to have all your scu # set up and they just go pic them up, if you looking for more specific like need a design then go with (@homedepot)

Kilim beige behr paint satin

White trim (pro packs)

Anderson windows 

Jeco counter tops 

Java cabinets 

Pick a neutral floor color you like carpet, wood, tile and stick with it! Also use the same faucet ($35) and shower fixtures ($150) and toilet (glacier bay $98) and they sale a all in one sink kit for $220. Good luck let me know if you ever need any help

We use a spread sheet that has all the rooms of a house with each discipline under each room [flooring, paint, wall repair, switches, fixtures, etc].

We then have a standard part number from Menards that we use for each item with a price & labor amount attached.

This allows me to order the entire job online and have it delivered to the job-site.  I then just pay the contractor his labor and I provide most of the parts - he can still go get misc items as needed.

I give him the scope of work with the price and labor amounts hidden - so, he just sees each item in each room.

Since more of flips are similar in quality as our average rental - we use the same parts on flips and rentals to standardize it even more.

Same color scheme, same floors, same door handles etc.

This makes it hard for the contractor to mess up anything and we now everything will look good together since we've already used the items several times.

In addition, since I can add up my own labor - this allows me to dictate to the contractor what I will pay.  If they don't want the job at my price,  I will find someone that does.

This works great in controlling costs as well.


I know its quite laboring with materials for a rehab.

I price homes, low, middle, and highend.  Anything that I use I mark the SKU No., and where I got it, which makes easier for the next rehab, I just repeat. 

Its easier to do a scope of work for the contractor and what will be used with pricing.  The contractor is not a designer, he builds.

Be sure that you do update your list of  what is in and what is out.  I Always stick with neutral colors, its opens the home out and with staging, it looks bigger then it would have if it had dark colors. 

Wish you the best!