Pantry or Laundry Room?

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I am renovating a home and the kitchen has  very small closet/pantry  space. The plan is to move the washer dryer into the garage and use the laundry room as the new kitchen pantry. The good news if we do this the small bathroom that shares the kitchen pantry wall can be improved. We would be able to widen the bathroom by about a foot which would create a much wider door opening. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having the washer dryer in the garage We would build a platform for them and add shelf space  for laundry items.

I would look at functionality first.  You can offset a pantry if you have 36" tall upper cabinets, pending quantity.  I think we need a picture or a sketch.  If the garage is over sized and had room for this it would be ok but if you are losing the ability to park a car in there, then no. 

I just finished a reno on a home that had laundry in the kitchen.  My debate was smaller and not as nice kitchen or basement Laundry, which everyone seems to hate.  Here is what I decided............. Kitchen is the most important room in the house and you should maximize % of budget in that room.  It will go a long way with renters but even longer way with potential purchaser down the road.  In vegas weather permits laundry in the garage and as long as you can still park a car in the garage you should be fine.  Also what I did to take away from Basement Laundry is I built a craft/gift wrapping station.  It seems to have worked well because buyers have loved the GW station and not commented on the basement laundry(note-basement is finished).  Pictures-Kitchen is pictured below, do you see that stupid huge fridge?  That used to be the laundry room, so for my situation I think it certainly made sense.  you can also see the pictures of the basement laundry and GW station, the room is L shaped so they are both in the same room.  This is just my two cents, I hope it helps and wish you luck. 

Thanks Jim I am going to post pics later but functionality is the main reason I am considering it It would not effect the parking of cars  

As a homeowner, I would not want to carry my dirty laundry outdoors to a garage to clean them.  It seems too ghetto to me.  Sorry but it would be a show stopper for me if it was the only option.  Only exception, I might consider it, is if the garage is attached to a lower level like a basement with an entry directly into the garage.   A tall pantry tower to the ceiling would suffice for extra pantry space. I would also keep the PR even if it was small.

@Jarod Clayton Not a big fan of laundry in the garage either.  Is this for a flip or rental?  I bet there are some creative ways to relocate the laundry but need more info.  Is the basement an option?  Second level?  Is the bath roof a half bath? Lose the bathroom?

Jim its funny you say that, that is a full size freezer and full size fridge.  They make a trim package to make it appear as one.  Best investment I made in my kitchen was that fridge, every potential buyer has been in love with it.  Only cost $3200 for the whole thing. 

I have no basement and upstairs is not an option  and I do not want to build a pantry closet in the kitchen take up too much space The first picture is the old pantry the sink is from the bathroom which we are able to expand. The second picture is the proposed space in the garage for washer dryer

@Account Closed  I'm assuming this is an attached garage.  You might be able to pull this off if you finish the garage floors with epoxy, paint the walls, and maybe add a swamp cooler or some other inexpensive cooling system for the garage if you have $$ left.  I've found a nice floor finish and freshly painted walls can totally change the feel of a garage.  However, if this prevents people from parking in the garage, I'd try to come up with a different solution.  You mentioned something about a small bedroom near the kitchen.  How many bedrooms does the house have?  If there are more than three, I'd look to see if 4 bedroom houses sell for more than 3 bedroom houses with the same square feet.  If not, you may be able to tap into that 1st floor bedroom to use it for laundry assuming one of the walls is adjacent to plumbing or close.