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I have been working to become an investor while managing my commercial construction company, but I recently decided to use my crews to rehab homes for other investors. What do you guys think about this decision?

How are you planning on finding the properties to rehab or are you thinking of rehabbing existing investments after tenants move out? If you are simply wanting to do make ready work then I am not sure the benefit is there for you unless there is huge volume - most management companies have in house contractors and most self managers have preferred contractors that they have been working with for periods of time. 

You might try speaking with local management companies to see if they need crews for rehab work. 

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We are working with investors/flippers. We've found that flippers are having a hard time maintaining crews.

 I have a bathrub refinishing company and work for alot of flippers. A contractor friend of mine that gives us alot of tubs only rehabs housrs for flippers. It is a tight market but if your profits are were they need to be its a no brainer, you keep your guys working and you make a little coin.