Where do I find rehab guys?

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I'm not able to get into rehabs right now so I am wanting to go out and look for suitable for rehab investor property.. I will go out, find the property, put an assignable on it and turn it over to rehab guys.

The thing is - before I do that I want to have a list of investors and maybe a profile of sorts on each one. What they're usually out looking for, their financial situation.. etc

It doesn't seem like a good idea to do all of that work and end up not being able to make a deal when I find something :D

I live in a small town full of.. well... less than knowledgable people,
So needless to say it doesn't do much good asking around



Don't assume you know who the buyers are in your small town. There are a lot of just "regular" people that get into rehab deals. When you drive around your town, keep an eye out for signs of rehab going on and make a point to stop and ask questions - you might find a rehabber at work.

Also, find the nearest Real Estate Investors Association to start networking. You could find some rehabbers who would work in your town if they knew that you could bring them deals.

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Another good place is real estate auctions. Either go to the court house steps for the foreclosure auctions or private auction companies. The court house is the best because those guys are pretty much full time.

And you know if they're buying at auction, they have cash.