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I recently attended a Fortune Builders seminar, and they mentioned having templates of different remodeled rooms in the house with pictures and a detailed list of all materials used, the costs, sku numbers, and even different vendors that supply those materials. They then adjust those templates based on the dimensions of the new home that they want to Reno, and subsequently give that detailed scope of work to contractirs they work with. 

I thought this was a very straightforward way to go about the process, but I don't want to pay $20K for their mastery program, just to have access to that. Hence, does anyone know of any books, websites, or alternative resources that provide similar templates for remodeling? 

They spent money to make that. I find xactimate to be of the same quality/detailed calculation. There are some xactimate companies that you could hire. Unfortunately building from scratch something like that won't come out free. Plus, each and every investor AND market has different taste/specifications, some like to copy the last comp sold, some just have a "go to" list. If you don't want to spend time, then at least pay someone for it. You will not get 100% of that material list, but you will get 80% of it. If you go to HD/Lowes site, you can build a list yourself. Of course you will only have to pick finish materials, you don't have to estimate how mich thinset and how many backerboard you need when tiling a bathroom, but you need to pick what color tile you want. I had a client before that wanted that, we spent 150 hours compiling it, so I charged 2k for it, but that was a complex need.
Making scope is not hard, all you have to hand your contractor is something like: Price tiles at $3/sf, if I choose more expensive, I only pay the difference.

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