Any wholsalers in worcester mass

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Hi Wholesalers,

I am looking for a wholesaler in Worcester, MA to connect with and help me find a deal.

Let's connect :)

Hey Syed

Im an out of state investor looking to buy in the worcester area. I originally from Boston. Looking for a wholesaler as well. What are you looking to do with your first property?

Hi Billy,

I am looking to rehab a single family home in Worcester. 

I will send you a colleague request and we will connect that way.

Syed, I suggest you attend the local investor meeting, which in Worcester is Black Diamond.  It is free.  there is also a landlord group, Worcester Property Owners Assn, but I don't know that you will find wholesalers there.  

Hello Syed, I'm in the same boat as well. I spent a few months looking for a reliable wholesaler in Worcester and did not find one. I've met several in boston though. I've given up on the worcester wholesaler search and have relied on my realtor and MLS to find my flips. Once a property hits the MLS you must be prepared to move on a property immediately because it's a feeding frenzy in Worcester and the competition to get a good flip project off MLS is very fierce.

I've been in bidding wars in every single worcester property I tried to buy.

The down side to MLS based flips is the profit margins aren't very high.

Good luck friend and colleague request me so I can keep you I mind on potential equity partners for my next project or if you just need someone to network with . 

Hi, I am just getting started in wholesaling and I plan on working the Worcester area. I moved to MA from CT and currently going through Sean Terry's Flip2Freedom Academy and have seen countless students become successful. I say all that to say I will find wholesale properties and report back! Can you message me your requirements for properties?

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