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I have a four unit building.  Just got a bid on  replacing 32 double hung windows with energy star windows, half screens, with argon gas windows, aluminum wraps, tempered glass in the bathrooms.

Initial bid came in at $18K, doing it two units at a time, but said he would knock it down to $16K if I did the entire job at once.  I spoke with the contractor, saying the price means I need to wait on more capital.  He said he really wants the bid, so he could go as low as $13K for all 32 windows.

In my building, the tenants pay the heat, so the benefit is largely for them.  But I'm thinking it may benefit me indirectly.

Here is the bid broken down by two units:

16 windows - Heartlands white double hung white vinyl standard half screen - $5744.00 ($359.00 ea)

16 - loe366, argon glass and NEAT Glass - $960.00 ($60.00 ea)

2 - tempered glass windows - bathrooms - $140.00

16 - Aluminum exterior wrap - $1600.00 ($100.00 per)

16 - Includes Lead safe handling - $320.00 ($20.00 per)

Disposal of Old Windows and debris - $250.00

Total per two units - $9,014.00.

Cost for all four - $16,000.00

Discount price later offered by contractor - $13,000.00

Is this a good deal, fellow Minnesotans?

I would expect to see price per window about 15-20% lower considering they are vinyl. It may be a cheaper option to go with the vinyl but have you considered going with an Aluminum constructed window? The local industry norm is about $350 per opening for a mid-level product. Thermo-break technology has come a long way in recent years and you can expect much more life and "ease of maintenance" by going with a more commercial construction.

I highly recommend Quaker Windows. The benefit of a good aluminum product is many of the product lines come in retrofit configurations effectively eliminating the need for much exterior metal work. You can also get interior trim kits to button up the inside as well.

Many people aim for a 10-15 year lifecycle on Windows. With the right product you can expect a 20-40 year life.

Feel free to PM me if you want a couple good vendors to offer you some competitive bids.

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