Finished our first flip

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Well, just wanted to follow up. We just listed our first flip 5 months to the day! Place came out great. We went over budget of course, but it looks like the market will allow us to recover the extras and then some.

All in for about $150K, (Purchase, rehab, taxes, closing, agent fees, etc., holding costs)

Listed for $189K

Pics available at the link below, please take a look!

Thanks everybody for your your insight.

We already have our eyes on the next one, just no money, need to figure that out. We don't want to have to one and sell then search again. Need to find a reasonable money stream as we build up a cash stream.

Marko Rubel
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Looks great Jason!!

We flip a lot of properties in the Richmond VA area and to keep the train moving you do need to have the funds for sure. We have been able to do what we do because of our Private Money lenders and even some hard money.

You keep doing homes like this and you will find the money! Success breeds success! Let everyone know about your property and how successful it was and you will find the funds to do more.

Keep plugging away and again good job!

Best of luck,

Ron Biggs