Who picks out materials?

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Who typically picks out materials that will be used to rehab a house, such as tile, fixtures, cabinets....

Is that the GC or an interior designer or the investor or....

The investor should be at the top of the decision chain.  Now, that may mean deferring to the GC's/designer's expertise/experience, but the investor needs to know what they are investing in.  

The one paying for the project.  Now this may require agreeing with the architect, gc, or other people with expertise on the topic in hand.  

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The owner should be picking out the finishes like what you are talking about. Who cares about drywall, screws, boards, etc. Let the GC deal with that stuff. If you can afford a interior designer good for you. Unlike HGTV we pick out our own stuff, no room in the budget for extra help. Neutral non taste specific finishes are usually recommended.  

Typically, I wouldn't have an interior designer unless it was a very high end house. If an interior designer is present, they should make this decision. If it is just the investor and GC, I would imagine the best way to go about is the investor laying guidelines and the GC bringing back 2-4 different options for everything w/ prices included. 

Hi @Nir Wittenberg!

I'm an architect and investor so I definitely pick out all of the finishes in the home as you mention!  If you are using a design professional (an interior designer, architect, etc) that is experienced, part of their job is to select finishes within your budget that complement the overall look you are going for.  As professionals, they may know of products and trends that you may not be aware of.  Also, they will have working knowledge of the durability, sustainability, maintenance, and life span of products.  They can guide you (the investor) in making an informed decision.

Nir Wittenberg piggybacking on what @Milan Mehta has mentioned, a good architect/designer will provide material samples that they get from different manufacturers, from which you choose what you you want as an end product. However this will really depend on what is agreed upon in your contract. It's also pretty easy to do on your own. So If it's worth saving money you can spend a little time looking at materials, calling up manufacturers and asking for samples, getting quotes and saving the specifications etc.

If you aren't paying for this service with an architect or designer the pro trick is to get a quote from he manufacturer and send the quote along with the specification to your contractor. This tends to ensure a fair price for what you are looking for. From there on met your contractor do the purchasing and the rest. If you are lying for this service, make sure your designer does this in a V/E phase.