Looking for Houston contractor to do a walk through estimate.

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Hi guys,

I am a long time listener of the BP podcast and first time real estate investor. I've located a property/project in a great area of Houston that was abandoned mid-flip and needs to be finished out. I need a good estimate of the finishing costs in order to run the numbers and present this to either private money lenders or banks for financing.

It looks as if the house was originally a single family and then converted to a duplex. The last owner was attempting to turn it back into a single family and abandoned the project mid-way. My idea is to return it to a duplex (assuming zoning is correct), and live in one half while renting out the other half. 

For financing, ideally I'd like to deal with a private money lender on the purchase and rehab costs. 6-8 months down the road after "seasoning", I would refi with a bank and pay back the lender.

Anyway, does anyone know any contractors in the Houston area who would be wiling to spend an evening walking through this property with me?

Thanks in advance,


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