Private and Hard Money Lenders in Houston

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Hello fellow investors!

My husband and I currently work in the Houston area, wholesaling and searching for buy and holds. We have a couple properties we would like to buy and rent out, but need either a private money lender, or hard money lender (maybe both?). Any of those out there??? Thanks in advance!

There are a lot of private money sources for investors out there right now.  This forum prohibits me mentioning any by name.  Just do a search on key terms like "investor real estate financing" and start contacting them.

Hey @Account Closed ","user_avatar":{"medium":{"url":""}}}" href="/users/LochM">@Account Closed ,

Looks like you and your husband are off to a good start because Houston is one of the hottest markets in the country right now, and you're already building a process for finding deals there. 

Because of how hot the market is, there are plenty of Private Hard Money Lenders that are willing to finance deals in and around Houston. 

Let me know if you have any questions about choosing the right lender or evaluating any specific loan offers.