Investing in or owning drug lab properties

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As a property owner, you are responsible for 100 percent of the clean up! Cleanups of labs are extremely resource-intensive and costly. The average cost of a cleanup is about $5,000. This is if you are lucky!

Clean Up (includes the insides and the outside of a building)

Air out the building

Removal of contaminated materials:
Carpets, carpet pads, Linoleum, drapes and blinds, air-filters, refrigerators, range, water heater, all tenant clothing and their furniture.

Removal needs to be to a site that accepts contaminated product.

All people that remove these items need to be specially trained and certified.

Surfaces: Extensive cleaning and replacement if the cooking occurred on those surfaces. After extensive wash down with bleach and other cleaners, seal walls and floors to seal in any contamination.

Ventilation systems: Furnaces and heaters will either need to be replaced or cleaned throughout all ductwork.

Plumbing: You might need to replace sinks, toilets and other accessible plumbing due to methamphetamine odors since meth residual was most likely deposited down the drains.

Repainting: Make sure the walls, ceilings and closets are cleaned, sealed and then painted.

Windows: Make sure they have been cleaned as well as the tracks. If the unit was especially heavily used, replace all of the windows. Doors in and outside need to be painted and door hardware needs to be washed down.

Exterior: Does the yard need to be cleaned up? Is there methamphetamine debris in the yard?

Most states required a certified industrial hygienist to approve of the clean up, and most states require a certificate of occupancy permit

Contact your state department of health for more information on this.

Hey there. Thanks for the informative post. Its actually good information. I once had a condo and a neighbor was running a meth lab. After fixing the walls and floors that the Marshalls destroyed, the new owner had lots of other "clean up" to take care of. It was a costly situation.

Good to know about!

Thats crazy Biggerpo. So the cops came in and destroyed the place?

Originally posted by Darryl K:
Thats crazy Biggerpo. So the cops came in and destroyed the place?

its what they do.

$5,000 is probably way on the low end. I've seen one of these meth houses after HAZMAT cleanup (yes, the guys wearing spaceman suits with a breating apparatus). The house was completely gutted: no sinks, no tub, no plumbing, no dry wall, no flooring, no ceiling, no light fixtures, no HVAC whatsoever, just studs, siding, some windows, and a roof.

Not only do the HAZMAT guys charge a lot, you have to pay for special disposal of these demo materials, not cheap. Then you have to pay to get it tested before you can get a certificate of occupancy (that house failed after the interior demo by the way). Don't forget, if they dumped any of their chemicals outside you may have to excavate the contaminated dirt (and dispose of properly as well). And if you're on septic, well I can only imagine.

I know in some states when you sell you have to disclose that it was a meth lab. Fantastic way to scare the crap out of a homebuyer, especially if they have kids.

There are folks that specialize in these kinds of rehabs, certainly not a good idea for a first timer.

Originally posted by Andy Jones:
$5,000 is probably way on the low end.

$5000 was probablly more realistic 5 years ago when this post was created!

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