Rehab and flip

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I am looking to go into rehabbing and flipping property. I would like to know what do you guy think of the business and I am looking into florida. I invest in rochester but i feel it better to rent there

I can hook you up with a Realtor that works with investors there and they can answer all your questions. Local Realtors are what you should find you help to tell you about the markets in those areas you are interested in. They have the experience and are knowledgeable of the local market along with knowing what investors need. They can also hook you up with  the team you will need to put a rehab together. Send me a message and we can get you started. Thanks.

It's super fun! I've lost thousands and thousands of dollars but I've learned a lot. You might want to do the learning before you do the losing and is a great jumping off point. From the menu above you can get the books 'How to invest with little or no money down' and 'The book on flipping' as well as podcasts and webinairs and you'd be a fool not to start with those kinds of things.

I personally would not invest far from home again and unless you're thinking of a turnkey investment with lots of referrals, I'd reconsider leaving yourself open to getting ripped off when you don't even know it.

And then you might have fun too. Good luck!

Thank you Valerie. Yea I live in Brooklyn so the market is way to high for me to touch. But I've had better luck buying rental in rochester and rental them out. I build a team to manage my property from a far

I manage everything myself. I've found that to be best. I've been threw 5 property managements I would never do that again. Now I build relationships with my tenants and my contractor. I have my contracts work and get pay after work is done and tenant sign if there happy with the work. I've found that to work best . How about you@Aqil Dharamsey