Latest flip results check it out (Maryland)

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I created a long post a few months back with all of my current and upcoming projects but instead of updating that one figure I would create a new post just for this house and share the info with the BP community.

Here are some before pictures and a link to the house on zillow for after pictures. Let me know what you think of the project and ask any questions I'm a open book. I can't wait to share more on here as our area is flooded with deals like this and very limited competition just need to come up with more funds and grow even bigger!

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Awesome project and flip! I was in Salisbury last year and looked around. I wondered about the area and it looks like I have a new area of interest. Thanks for the share. 

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How long did the renovations take? How many flips have you done? Did you finance the original purchase or did you go in all cash? How did you pay for the renovations? Did you finance those or were they all cash as well? Love the renovations!!!