Professional Cleaning Service?

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Hi gys - 

I live in a high rise building. Whenever they prepare a house for move-in - its clean like new construction. Even though the bathroom and kitchen fixtures are the same.

Who does this amazing cleaning work. They're definitely not the cleaning maids.

Especially the tub, the silicone beading everywhere, tile grout and mold, countertops,flooring - they are same old fixtures - but sparkle like they're new.

Who can I employ to do this work?

You can rent a hot water spray/vacuum and get a lot done yourself but ask the landlord or property manager. Might catch one of the cleaners in the building at another apartment or look for a truck in the parking lot. Good luck detective...

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Originally posted by @Manolo D. :

They're called deep cleaners.

 ;) haha . yes yes.

thing is Manolo - i called these deep cleaners into my rental units - and it was as if they mopped the floors and cleaned some.

It was no way, nada, even near to what I see done in the units prepped by the management.

Made me think they are NOT the deep cleaners, you see.

Now i may have just worked with a lousy company.

@James W. Maybe a lousy company, but then, maybe you did not tell them what you want. I am a contractor that like everything in black and white. When I hire someone, cleaners or plumbers, I like to write what I expect, and I don't pay them a dime until I get what I want. In a deep cleaning company's case, I specifically tell them what to do and what chemicals to use. If you don't give them a scope, then they will simply mop and vacuum. If the company is new, I like pictures of their equipments. They are one of the trades that's the hardest to deal with since most of the time only the owner knows how to do things correctly.

I know this is an old past however if you ever need someone to do cleaning whether it's for your vacation rentals, deep cleans, or new construction please let me know I would be glad to assist