Paint Scheme on raised ranch

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Just purchased this raised ranch to flip usually I have a clear idea what needs to be done outside to give a nice curb appeal to the home. I have never done a raised ranch so this one has me possibly overthinking. I'm going to replace the front entry door with a centered door 2 side lites on each side than have 1 window on top of the door. My thoughts are should I paint the foundation? I'm almost thinkng to go bold and paint it black and also add some black shutters? Paint the railings black. There's is some red paint that goes around the door area. I was thinking about my making that a darker tan. Any suggestions for foundation paint or ideas would be great.

I would recommend you paint the foundation the same as the siding. I think with that type of foundation I would want it to blend in to the house as much as possible and not draw anymore attention to it. We typically just do the house one color, trim one color, shutters one color. Then we may add a pop of color on the door. Good luck looks like house in decent condition. 

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