Los Angeles Area RE investing - 14K to learn fix/flip

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I had a convo with a friend last week about real estate investing in the LA area. He mentioned to me that he had try to enroll in a program to learn how to fix/flip properties in LA. The company quoted 2 days of intensive training for $14K. What? I was literally floored. One, why would anyone pay an amount like this and two... this friend knows that I am an active investor. He could easily pick up the phone and pick my brain if he wanted to. But I guess if its free advise, some people may not see value in it.

Anyways, after giving some thought about his ordeal, I decided to give the opportunity to anyone  who may be interested in seeing first hand one or two of my current projects. We can review/visit any of my projects so you can get an idea of what a volume investor does on a daily basis (for every 3 properties that I purchase, I hold one and retail the other 2) Therefore, if you are trying to understand rehab costs, figure out how to land your first deal, feel that LA has no inventory/opportunities, mitigate risk or any general questions - ping me. BTW i am not charging a dime. Would really like to avoid having some of you pay ridiculous amounts for courses that you can learn in a 2 hour visit. I don't know everything but know enough.

The following are current projects - 4 SFR/MF rehabs in LA - One by 77 and Normadie, another one in Inglewood by Centinela Park, a duplex located a few blocks from USC (demo will be done this Friday if you like to see it before I start), and one in South Gate, and lastly a SFR in Playa del Rey which happens to be my most expensive purchase to date. I also have new construction projects; the only one approved is located in Long Beach at the corner of Willow and Santa Fe Ave and I can walk you through permit process and approvals if new construction is what you are interested in. My recent sales are 856 W 53rd st, LA and 5161 Los Flores Ave, Lywoond (on zillow you will notice I use the same color schemes and materials. I will explain why)

I'll take off a few days next week if anyone would like to shadow me for a few hours. My office is in downtown Torrance. So ping me if interested.

Happy Investing. 



I'm interested in checking out the Playa Del Rey project. I'll PM you. 

Victor this is a great offer.  I am very new to this and would love to find someone like you in the Phoenix market willing to do the same.

Hi Victor, I'm intersted in following you on one of your projects. I'll pm you.



I'm interested!

@Manolo D. thanks for referring@Victor Argueta to me! 

@Dennis Canon and I are trying to start our REI journey and visiting the jobsite, talking to investors like you would be an invaluable asset to have.

I'll PM you. Thanks for the opportunity! 

Interested in meeting you. Will pm you

I find it pretty awesome you're doing this.  I'm interested as well

"a few days next week if anyone would like to shadow me for a few hours"

..wish someone in Cincinnati would do this..


Some people in the Cincinnati REIA have done this but I think it was $100

But hey, its supply and demand, when low supply meets high demand, you will have people willing to pay prices like 14k. 

Hi Victor,

I am interested and am very familiar with PDR...have a couple condos there. 

I will ping you and hopefully can meet up.

Thank you for this great post and offering this opportunity.

Hi Victor, et. al.  

I am a current resident of PDR and interested in opportunities in the neighborhood and in general networking with the shakers and movers.  Right now I am primarily looking to wholesale in PDR.  It would be great to meet up with many of you to learn.


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