Orange and Los Angeles county meetups

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When and where are the usual BP get togethers for Orange County, CA and Los Angeles County, CA? I am looking forward to attending them and would love it if someone from the area could let me know when to attend them. Thank you so much.


Hi Steve,

The two meetups in Orange County I attend are the North Orange County Meetup and the Lake Forest REI Meetup. Both have casual, non-pitch environments with great people.

The former's next meeting is November 10.  Information can be found here:, or by contacting @Ron Herrera.

The latter's latest meeting was yesterday.  Information can be found here:

I look forward to meeting you at either, Steve.


@Garrett M.  beat me to it. Those are the two meet ups that I would've mentioned as well. Hope to see you there sometime. I usually attend the North Orange County one just because my work schedule allows me to but I've been to the Lake Forest meet up once and learned a great deal. 

@Steve Snyder One is at UnUrban Cafe in santa monica on 2nd sat of the month, most attendees are from bp.

@Manolo D. Thanks for letting me know. Do you know what time? Is there anyone to confirm with? Thanks again.

@Steve Snyder I believe it's 11am. But no confirmation, no fees, completely free. They usually post it on BP.

@Steve Snyder I attend FIBI (For Investors By Investors) in Manhattan Beach. Purely educational and you have time before and after to network. They always have a panel of guest speakers so it's cool to hear everyone's perspective on the subject matter. Next month (December) is an all chapter networking event in Long Beach which usually draws 300 or so people. It's a great way to meet people. You can find them on meet up.

Hello all, I'll be in the los angeles area from Dec 18th to the 30th, and wondering if there are any meetups ? 

I invest in the chicago area so would love to network with some active local los angeles investors who might be interested in my market and vice versa. 

So when are the next meet ups? Did I miss November already?

@Steve Snyder got to meetup and type in fibi. There is about 7 active meeting in Southern California.

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