Kitchen counter tops for rehab - latest trends?

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Folks I need your help with a fairly important kitchen designing dilemma:

For a rather typical South Bay area SFR with a $1.2M-ish ARV, with white Shaker kitchen cabinets/stainless hardware & appliances, the color-du-jour grey "wood" flooring, similar but lighter toned walls, no wall paint in kitchen (narrow stacked stone backsplash) a familiar, tried and true, "veiny" granite or a more uniformly colored quartz the more sought after countertop these days?? I would choose the granite, as the natural color variations add character, but what do I know? The kitchen is the standard U-shape, no island.

What say the active rehabbers?!?!   Thanks Much!!

do what Flip or Flop does.... they use mostly quartz

i use only formica for the rentals and love it.

btw, where i buy, i can buy about 12 houses for 1.2M

I would say quartz for sure. Or marble in that price range... Granite is kind of played out these days.

$1.2 million and that's typical? I personally would be looking at comps in the area to make that decision, as most of us on here are probably dealing with houses costing 25% or less than what your working with.

I use Quartz in kitchen and Powder and Hall baths.  Master Bath I like Carrara Marble 

This will work in 1.2M house.   

Can send you a mls link to my recent close with shaker white and Quartz if you pm me 

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