Rehab complete!

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We have completed our rehab project in Granada Hills, CA and it is ready for a buyer. You can view photos of the newly remodeled home by going to our website (below in my signature) and clicking on the available properties link.
You can also see many of the before and afters from our video series on our BP blog right here:


So what do you think of our work?


I watched the video in your blog after reading this post. It was really exciting to see a rehab in progress. Might I kindly suggest that you consider buying a few nice custom embroidered golf shirts with your logo.


Thank you Jaime.

Kirk, glad you liked it. As far as the golf shirts, that is a great idea. More importantly, a tee time and lots of beer to go with it!


WHere you been? Long time no see or talk.
The Hollywood part is definately credited to my partner, I am just along for that ride. We have been working hard and doing well. Our students are kicking butt too!
It will not be long before we all here about there succuss stories right here on BP.

Will- you are what makes this site what it is. Wonderful, informative post that shows what it is all about. Good luck on the sale. Rich

Gsimpson- I think he showed in his blog the rehab was 42K. I want to point out that 90K sounds like a lot, but the % on return is actually quite normal. It looks like 25% return on investment. If you had 100k in a rehab project and netted 25K, you'd be at the same return. Rich.


thanks...i see the rehab value on the blog. my target percentage is around 20-23% net... I find it is very hard to find properties less than 70% ARV...

Rich and others, I would also like to point out that I used some borrowed funds for this project, so my return is much higher than 25% (more like 40%), and it was done, acquisition to sold, in under 3 months, which is an annualized return of well over 150%!

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