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Can that old paneling be painted over?  Anyone ever painted paneling?

check pinterest there are a bunch of how-tos on there from the DIY-ers

Painted paneling can quickly change the look of a room. Here is a pic of a flip i just did....I obviously did a more than just paint the paneling but you get the idea. 

Clean with TSP, then use a good primer and you should be all set. You're keeping the green carpet, right? :)

Aesthetically, I like the the painted version but non-painted paneling doesn't show the dirt and you will never have to paint it. Its more renter proof and any nails holes you can easily plug with a dark sparkle. 

Use an oil based primer and you can paint over paneling. It actually looks pretty good

Originally posted by @Brenda Whittaker :

Can that old paneling be painted over?  Anyone ever painted paneling?

 Spackle the grooves and it will look like drywall. I paint paneling all the time.  I will spackle as many walls as time allows.

Wow, Im kind of surprised the spackle doesnt fall off.  I tried to repair wood steps with wood filler once and it just crumbled away under the paint because it wouldnt stick to the step.  Thanks for the info!

I just painted over pine paneling as pictured in the original post, as well as some cheap thin wood paneling. Both turned out great. I found that using Oil based primer was a must. I also lightly sanded first to remove the gleam on any clearcoat, and filled in any holes or damage with wood filler first. I didn't opt for spackling the cracks, and it still provided a nice updated look. Quite a bit more work than I originally bargained for...(you have to paint all of the cracks pretty vigorously with a brush, etc.) there were times where I said " why didn't I just rip this down and throw some drywall up??" .. but.. yes, it works. 

I bought a house that had HORRIBLE wood paneling, but problem can easily be solved!   We got the nice primer from Sherwin Williams, and then painted and it turned out beautiful!    The biggest thing is a quality primer. 

I have done it successfully in low end flips. Start with TSP, follow with a light sanding and prime with a product like KILZ.

I would not recommend using any drywall mud on paneling. It is too flexible, as soon as someone leans against it the mud will crack. At one time there was a heavy paper product, like wall paper, that was used to cover over paneling prior to painting but I do not know if it s still available.

yes go for it. Def helps the budget and keeps the project timeline a lot quicker without excess drywall work. 

Clean it very well first with TSP, otherwise the oils will soak through the paint or even release whatever you put on it from the paneling. This applies for spackling, drywall mud, paint, wallpaper, or anything else over paneling.

I once saw a homeowner prime his paneling with Kilz, cover it with fiberglass mesh sheets, then skim them with drywall mud, and then finish paint and wallpaper.  It looked beautiful, really updated and brightened up the home.  But, he didn't clean the paneling well to start with, so those whole sheets came right off the walls in just a few days, right back down to the paneling.  The oils had never let the Kilz or anything else bond to the paneling.  That was a mess.  As with most problems, it could have been avoided with the proper prep work.

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